Local April 17, 2024 | 8:08 am

PLD calls for investigation into environmental advocate’s death

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) has called upon the Attorney General’s Office to initiate an investigation into the death of Francisco Ortiz, a farmer and environmental advocate in La Vega. They seek to ascertain if there are any additional parties involved in the incident.

Alfonso Ureña, the head of the PLD Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, has emphasized the importance of this investigation. He believes it is essential for Judge Miriam Germán to intervene, ensuring that those responsible for the tragic loss of a defender of natural resources face justice. Speaking on behalf of the PLD Environment Secretariat, Ureña has urged the Dominican people to unite in a shared endeavor to ensure that Ortiz’s sacrifice was not in vain.

Moreover, Ureña stresses the collective responsibility of the populace to remain vigilant and report any illicit activities that pose a threat to natural resources. He underscores that the present circumstances demand immediate action to safeguard our natural heritage.

In a recent development, the Constanza Permanent Attention Office has taken legal action against Reynaldo Cruz Castillo and Andy Joel Payano, also known as El Guardia. They stand accused of the alleged murder of Francisco Ortiz, purportedly occurring during a confrontation over the unauthorized extraction of sand from a river.

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