Local April 17, 2024 | 11:03 am

Proindustria and ADOCITAB collaborate to boost Dominican tobacco sector

Santiago, DR.- The Director-General of the Center for Industrial Development and Competitiveness (Proindustria), Rafael Cruz Rodríguez, convened a meeting on Monday in Santiago de los Caballeros with members of the Dominican Cigar and Tobacco Association (ADOCITAB).

During the session, Cruz Rodríguez, alongside the association’s president Radhamés Rodríguez, underscored the significance of the tobacco sector as the primary job generator. They cited Tabacalera El Artista, chaired by Rodríguez, as a prime example, currently providing employment to 2,600 individuals.

On a broader scale, the tobacco sector contributes to approximately 150,000 direct jobs nationwide, with a considerable portion held by women, including many single mothers. La Vega province boasts the highest concentration of warehouse employment in this sector.

Both Cruz Rodríguez and the ADOCITAB directors emphasized tobacco’s cultural significance, deeply ingrained in the Dominican Republic’s identity. They mutually stressed the necessity of continuing to prioritize tobacco cultivation.

ADOCITAB, a non-profit organization, aims to unite and empower small and medium-sized tobacco producers, executing projects to enhance tobacco quality for the Dominican Republic’s cigarette industry. It also represents micro, small, and medium-sized cigarette producers.

Recognizing tobacco’s economic and cultural importance, as well as its role in job creation and national economic growth, ProIndustria reiterates its dedication to fostering the development and resilience of the Dominican Republic’s tobacco sector. This commitment ensures the sustainable advancement of this crucial industrial field, benefiting the communities involved in its production.

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