Local April 18, 2024 | 11:12 am

JCE inaugurates the Electoral Logistics facilities

Santo Domingo.- The Plenary Session of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) marked the institution’s 101st anniversary by inaugurating new spaces aimed at enhancing services for citizens.

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the new Electoral Logistics, City of Identity, and Electoral facilities. These facilities, located at 239 Isabel Aguiar Avenue, include the Administrative Building situated behind the headquarters, and the Services Building (offering administrative correction, late declaration, VIP identification, transcription, immigration, and Fonojunta services) positioned on John F. Kennedy Avenue at the corner of Dr. Defilló.

Present at the inaugurations were members of the JCE Plenary Session, including President Román Andrés Jáquez Liranzo, regular members Rafael Armando Vallejo Santelises, Dolores Altagracia Fernández Sánchez, Patricia Lorenzo Paniagua, and Samir Rafael Chami Isa, accompanied by substitute members Vanahí Bello Dotel, Freddy Ángel Castro, Anibelca Rosario, Prado López, and Hirayda Fernández.

Also in attendance were directors of various departments within the JCE, along with delegates from accredited political organizations.

Román Jáquez emphasized the significance of the new Ciudad de Identidad y Electoral building, which houses Electoral Logistics. With 12,329 square meters and a cost of 227 million pesos, Jáquez noted that the investment is projected to be recovered in less than five years. He highlighted the Electoral Logistics Building as the core of the electoral process, essential for ensuring electoral procedures adhere to the required standards of good electoral practice.

Jáquez further emphasized the importance of electoral logistics in ensuring electoral processes align with established standards. He also took the opportunity to mention recent inaugurations held the previous week, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to enhance services and accessibility for citizens.

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