Local April 18, 2024 | 8:27 am

Mitur emphasizes essential role of territorial planning

Santo Domingo..- Minister of Tourism David Collado emphasized the critical importance of territorial planning to prevent uncontrolled expansion across the national landscape, citing the cautionary tale of Bávaro and Punta Cana.

“It’s imperative that we learn from the unchecked growth experienced in Bávaro and Punta Cana, ensuring that emerging tourist destinations like Miches avoid similar pitfalls,” Collado asserted. He underscored the necessity of implementing local and corrective measures in areas where rapid and disproportionate development has occurred.

In pursuit of this goal, Collado convened a meeting with the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu) to establish an agreement on comprehensive territorial planning initiatives spanning the entire country.

Addressing the state of tourism in the Dominican Republic, the minister highlighted the government’s proactive approach in managing various challenges through robust international promotion efforts, underscoring the stability and tranquility prevalent across the nation’s tourist hotspots.

“Our tourism sector continues to show resilience and growth, buoyed by ongoing promotional efforts. For instance, next week, we are hosting the prestigious PGA Tour in Punta Cana, with a viewership exceeding 10.7 million Americans,” Collado stated. He emphasized that such high-profile events serve as testament to the nation’s stability, reinforcing confidence in its tourism offerings.

“Furthermore, tomorrow, we’ll present our quarterly tourism statistics during a meeting with Asonahores in Punta Cana. Preliminary indicators point towards sustained growth and stability,” Collado added.

Collado also provided an update on the Ministry of Tourism’s ongoing initiative to reclaim public spaces and beaches nationwide, underscoring the government’s commitment to preserving and enhancing the country’s natural assets for both residents and visitors alike.

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Paul Tierney
April 18, 2024 9:01 am

The Ministry of Economics and local government conducted a day-long meeting at Sheridan Four Points this past Monday with a large diverse group of local community members to conduct a survey of priorities necessary to improve the Punta Cana tourist zone. The Ministry submitted questionnaires that were answered and returned at the end of the session. It will be a while before results will be published.