Local April 20, 2024 | 9:22 am

Government comes to the aid of residents of Bajo Yuna, after flooding caused by storm surge

Bajo Yuna – Residents are thankful for the prompt intervention of the government
Through the Presidential Administration, directed by Robert Polanco, the Dominican Government came to the aid of more than five thousand families of Bajo Yuna today. These families suffered significant damages from the storm that hit the national territory during the last few days.

Robert Polanco, accompanied by Governor Xiomara Cortes, Mayor Arelis Fermín, and the regional director of the Civil Defense, Junior Tineo, took assistance from zinc trucks, wood, raw and cooked food to families who, as a result of the heavy rains and winds announced by the National Office of Meteorology (ONAMET), have been left without their roofs.

“We are here to respond as soon as possible with the Social Plan of the Presidency and the Economic Canteens, because for the government led by Luis Abinader, it is of the utmost importance to watch over and assist all Dominicans who are going through a vulnerable moment caused by the heavy rains this week,” Polanco said.

He said they would monitor ONAMET reports to assist other districts needing prompt government assistance.

Meanwhile, the residents of Bajo Yuna thanked the prompt intervention of the central government and the arrival of the authorities headed by the director of Presidential Management, Robert Polanco, for ensuring that the materials arrived as soon as possible so that they could have a decent roof over their heads.

The intervened sectors are Los Contreras, Los Peinados, Los Estudiantes, Los Platanitos, Majagual, La Seiba de los Pájaros, Loma Colora, Juana Rodríguez, Curva del Aguacate, Villa Progreso II, Sector Balaguer and the municipalities of La Reforma and Villa Rivas.

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