Local April 22, 2024 | 2:09 pm

UNICEF celebrates success of fourth Great Telethon for Children

Santo Domingo.- UNICEF expressed its gratitude for the overwhelming support received during the fourth edition of the Great Telethon Together for Children, emphasizing the power of unity in achieving remarkable outcomes. Broadcasting through Radio Televisión Dominicana (RTVD) Channel 4 and 20 other national and international television channels simultaneously, the event raised over 21 million pesos (RD$21,855,958).

Carlos Carrera, UNICEF representative in the country, highlighted the significance of the Telethon in securing a brighter present and future for children in the Dominican Republic. “At UNICEF, we strive to ensure that children and adolescents have the best start in life and grow up healthy,” Carrera affirmed.

This year’s Telethon, hosted by Jatnna Tavárez and Enrique Quailey, along with support from Manny Cruz, saw participation from 34 prominent figures and 10 local artists. The event received voluntary assistance from personalities such as Elianta Quintero, Diana Filpo, and Manny Cruz, among others, who lent their voices to the cause.

UNICEF expressed gratitude to its sponsors and supporters, including Caribbean Cinemas, Billboard, and Grupo PVF, whose contributions made the Telethon possible. Donors were also acknowledged, with prizes from sponsors to be raffled among UNICEF monthly donors.

The funds raised will be allocated to various programs aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal mortality, combating acute malnutrition, improving the quality of education, and preventing early unions and teenage pregnancy. Additionally, initiatives to address all forms of violence against children will be supported by the raised funds.

The Great Telethon Together for Children aired on multiple channels and platforms, reaching a wide audience across the Dominican Republic. UNICEF expressed its commitment to utilizing the raised funds effectively to benefit children in the country.

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