Local April 23, 2024 | 9:15 am

Abinader says he hasn’t been pressured to allow Haitians

Santo Domingo – President Luis Abinader said yesterday that the government had not received pressure from the United States to allow three million Haitian migrants in the country and clarified that he would not accept it either.

“We have not received pressure, and we appreciate Senator Marco Rubio’s concern, but President Biden has not been pressured; he (Joe Biden) has always been very respectful,” explained the head of state at the head of the meeting with the press. La Semanal, from the Gran Teatro del Cibao, in this city.

Abinader guaranteed that he would continue to comply with the Migration Law and the Constitution of the Republic.

On the other hand, President Luis Abinader explained that he had presented two constitutional reforms, one to achieve the independence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the other to lock on the Constitution to prevent the President from wanting to change the terms of the election.

“This President, Luis Abinader, is never going to change the terms of the election, and I clarify this because this has been the experience of centuries, and we will only make those two changes. The change, one of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the other to put a lock on it, no one, even if he has an immense majority, does not dare to change the terms of the election, but rather stays eight years and never again. I’m going to respect that,” he said.

Abinader presented a report on the progress made in Ciudad Corazón from 2020 to date, covering the areas of education, transportation, health, infrastructure, electricity, and water, among others.

He reported that three hospitals have been inaugurated, and 11 have been intervened in, renovating, expanding emergencies, and habilitating oncology areas and equipment, with an investment exceeding RD$751 million.

Abinader announced that constructing the National Police Palace will be one of the city’s three most important works.

In the area of water, the governor pointed out that Inapa throughout the province has impacted 720 thousand people, and 98 works have been carried out between August 2020 and March 2024.

Fifty-seven drinking water solutions and 41 wastewater solutions have been offered. In addition, 900,000 people have been impacted throughout the province in 17 sectors.

Arroyo Sanitation

He indicated that 3.67 kilometers of the Gurabo stream have been channeled, 10,860 meters of wastewater pipe have been installed, and 10,000 meters of drinking water have been placed.

In addition, social and community recreation areas have been built.

He also spoke about the works in progress.

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Paul Tierney
April 23, 2024 9:43 am

It would not be inconceivable to think political opponents of the President Abinader are sowing conspiracy seeds of him going along with “unverified” accounts of US pressure to allow Haitians into the RD.

Politics !!!