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After complaints from residents, the SDE Mayor’s Office carries out a cleaning and waste collection day

Santo Domingo – The Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo Este reported that it has carried out intense work to address the proliferation of clandestine dumps in critical areas of the municipality and implement long-term preventive measures.

From April 25 to May 10, the municipal entity led by Mayor Dío Astacio established actions to eliminate improvised landfills.

It should be noted that Mayor Dío Astacio found that more than 40% of the entity’s truck fleet needed maintenance.

The key places that intervened are places of high traffic and prone to the generation of landfills, such as the Venezuela Extension, Iberoamericana Avenue, 4th Street (in front of Meteorology, Los Mameyes), La Bomba ESSO, (Punto Los Sanjuaneros), the Almirante Market, the Brisal entrance (La Isleta), the Alley in front of the Parque del Este.

In addition, there is the Costa Rica Street, the Mella Highway, the Punto de los Chicharrones (Charles with Mendoza), the Hotel Acuario (Ensanche Isabelita), La Toronja, Villa Esfuerzo, and Los Corales.

Likewise, cleaning and waste collection work was intensified during the early morning hours in the large residential areas of the municipality, with a particular focus on areas such as San Isidro Labrador and all those located in the extensive strip of San Isidro.

These places, being centers of high population density, demand constant attention regarding waste management.

In addition to these actions, a clean-up operation was carried out in the City of Juan Bosch, led by Mayor Dío Astacio, which required priority attention in terms of waste management. Five waste collection trucks were permanently assigned to these areas as a preventive and immediate response measure.

This strategy seeks to solve the garbage problem in the short term and prevent it from accumulating at critical levels as in the past, thus ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for residents.


Despite persistent challenges, the mayor of Santo Domingo Este managed to completely eliminate some of these landfills by installing containers and constantly deploying municipal police.

It highlights the success stories of Av. Iberoamericana, Los Tres Ojos and Av. Simon Orozco, where the implementation of these measures has shown a significant reduction in the generation of clandestine garbage.

In addition, efforts are underway to extend these preventive measures to other critical areas, such as distributing ten new containers on Av. Iberoamérica and Av. The runway at El Almirante.

Intervention on the Issue of Grooming

To improve cleanliness and urban order, an exhaustive intervention was conducted in Charles, La Mella, Sabana Larga, and Venezuela.

In addition, Mayor Dío Astacio has led intensive cleaning operations, and public awareness measures have been implemented to promote a culture of environmental responsibility.

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Paul Tierney
May 12, 2024 7:15 am

Promoting a culture of environmental responsibility is every day. If public officials were doing their jobs with commitment there would be no citizen complaints.

May 13, 2024 11:03 am
Reply to  Paul Tierney