Local May 13, 2024 | 11:45 am

Three-month preventive detention for woman in fatal incident involving Chinese man

Santo Domingo.- The Permanent Attention Office of the National District has imposed three months of preventive detention as a coercive measure against Francelys María Furcal Rodríguez. Furcal is accused by the Public Ministry of voluntary manslaughter and violating weapons laws, pertaining to the death of Chinese citizen Jhei Leet (Chen Zongxin) in April 2022.

According to the filed instance, the incident took place on April 21, 2022, at the Z&C shopping center in Ensanche Luperón. An altercation between the two individuals resulted in Furcal Rodríguez allegedly stabbing the Chinese citizen in the abdomen, leading to his demise. The sequence of events was captured on security cameras.

The following day, Furcal Rodríguez attempted to evade Dominican justice through fraudulent means. Using a passport under the name of Denny María Rodríguez Hierro, she left the country via the Punta Cana International Airport, heading for Medellín, Colombia, and then Brazil. Subsequently, she continued her journey to Sao Paulo, Brazil, utilizing a Colombian identity as Rina Vásquez Sarabia.

Despite these efforts, the accused managed to bypass immigration systems and traveled to Qatar, United Arab Emirates. From there, she boarded a flight to France, with Spain as her final destination, where her romantic partner awaited her.

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