Local May 15, 2024 | 1:22 pm

Temporary suspension of Prison visits to facilitate electoral participation

Santo Domingo.- The General Directorate of Penitentiary and Correctional Services (DGSPC) has announced the temporary suspension of visitations on Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19, across all correctional facilities. This decision comes in light of the upcoming presidential and congressional elections.

In accordance with Article 105 of Electoral Law 20-23, DGSPC Director Roberto Hernández instructed the implementation of this measure to ensure the unfettered exercise of citizens’ voting rights.

Through a formal communication directed to the heads of Correction and Rehabilitation Centers (CCR) and Non-Reformed Deprivation of Liberty Centers (CPL), DGSPC clarified that this suspension is a one-time occurrence. It aims to facilitate the participation of incarcerated individuals’ family members in the electoral process scheduled for Sunday, May 19.

DGSPC has taken steps to promptly inform inmates of this temporary suspension, enabling them to relay the information to their families and loved ones.

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