Local May 21, 2024 | 6:06 pm

Showcasing 911’s innovative technology

Santiago, DR.- Colonel Randolfo Rijo Gómez, ERD, the executive director of the National Emergency Assistance and Security System 911, recently showcased the institution’s cutting-edge technology to officials from the United States Embassy. This technology, meticulously designed to enhance emergency management and response, was unveiled during a comprehensive presentation.

Rijo Gómez elaborated on the advanced capabilities of the 911 system, emphasizing its precision in geographic location and seamless integration with diverse technological platforms. These features are poised to streamline emergency management processes, ultimately leading to swifter and more efficient decision-making.

“The introduction of these new technologies marks a significant milestone for our emergency system. Not only will they bolster our operational efficiency, but they will also enhance the safety of both citizens and tourists within the country,” underscored the director.

Moreover, Rijo Gómez underscored the enhancements made to the Video Surveillance Network and its pivotal role in bolstering citizen security.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by the US Embassy, particularly its International Narcotics and Law (INL) office, Rijo Gómez expressed gratitude for their support in the ongoing modernization endeavors of the 911 System. These efforts aim to update the system’s technological infrastructure, ensuring its alignment with contemporary standards.

Representing the US Embassy commission were Katherine Suplick, the consul in charge of the American Citizen Services Unit (ACS), and Elaine Gutiérrez, the supervisor of Special and Emergency Services within the ACS unit. They were provided with insights into the operational framework of the 911 system and gained an understanding of how the newly introduced technologies will seamlessly integrate into its daily operations.

The presentation took place at the North headquarters of 911 in Santiago de los Caballeros and was attended by key figures within the institution, including Deputy Director Colonel Harold Jiménez Polanco, ERD; Regional Director Lieutenant Colonel (DEM) Eddy Pérez Cedeño, ERD; and Director of Technology and Video Surveillance Martín Santana.

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