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Dominican Republic to host 3rd Latin American Digital Health Congress

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Santo Domingo.- The 3rd Latin American Digital Health Congress will be held in Santo Domingo this year, from October 10 to 11. The event, organized by ARIUM Digital Health and AF Comunicación Estratégica, promises to be a significant development for the health sector in the region.

The congress will focus on key topics related to technology and e-health in the Dominican Republic and the wider Latin American region. These topics are considered crucial for addressing challenges and finding solutions within the healthcare sector.

The stated goals of the congress are to provide tools that support health preservation and promotion, disease prevention, patient safety, and considerations of ethics, compatibility, data security, privacy, and confidentiality. Additionally, cost-effectiveness and affordability in healthcare will be explored.

Creating the health of the future

“Creating the health of the future” is the theme driving the 3rd Latin American Digital Health Congress. The event aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape.

Attendees will benefit from a diverse program featuring keynote lectures, panel discussions, and presentations showcasing successful implementations of digital health solutions. Key topics on the agenda include:

  • The future of healthcare: Experts will explore emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of medical care.
  • Innovation in action: Participants will gain insights into the latest innovations and their potential impact on healthcare delivery.
  • Digital acceleration: The congress will delve into strategies for accelerating the adoption of digital technologies within healthcare systems.
  • Harnessing new technologies: Sessions will explore the practical application of new technologies in various medical specialties.

According to the organizers, the first and second editions of the congress attracted 32 and 37 speakers, respectively, with participation reaching 200 and 250 attendees. Organizers anticipate even greater participation for this year’s event.

About the organizers

ARIUM Digital Health is an information technology services company whose main objective is the marketing of information systems for the health sector, with the aim of promoting the elevation of quality standards in the provision of health services in the Dominican Republic.

AF Comunicación Estratégica  is a firm specialized in strategic communication consulting and public relations. Its main purpose is to manage the perception and public projection of clients before their key audiences, with the aim of their business partners positioning their brands, services, and solutions.

For more information about the 3rd Latin American Digital Health Congress, you can contact (809) 567-2663 or send an email to info@afcomunicacion.com.


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