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Dominican diaspora value technical and professional training program

Santo Domingo.- The National Institute for Technical and Professional Training (INFOTEP) has made significant progress in supporting the professional development of Dominicans living abroad, according to a recent report. The institute’s efforts have been met with great appreciation from the Dominican diaspora, who recognize the value of certification in enhancing their employment opportunities and increasing their income.

Kirsia García, president of the Association of Beauty Professionals National and International (APEBNI) in New York, praised INFOTEP’s initiative, stating, “This is a dream come true, after so much time working without being able to obtain a degree. Now we will be able to obtain a certification that will allow us to demonstrate here, in the United States, that we are beauty professionals.”

García highlighted that the program will enable dozens of women and men who work in beauty salons and barbershops to obtain a certificate that will qualify them for a license to practice their profession, opening up new opportunities for employment. She further emphasized the cost-effectiveness of INFOTEP’s training compared to the high expenses associated with pursuing certification in the United States.

The leadership of APEBNI is confident that the program will empower Dominicans abroad to improve their standing in the beauty industry, leading to increased income and, consequently, higher remittance flows to the Dominican Republic. In the first quarter of 2024, remittances reached US$2,635.6 million, according to figures from the Central Bank.

In April 2024, INFOTEP and APEBNI signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the validation process for barbers and beauty stylists who have acquired their skills through empirical experience. This agreement aligns with INFOTEP’s broader program for Dominicans abroad.

About the training program

Since its launch in 2022, INFOTEP’s training program for the Dominican community abroad has benefited 623 individuals. Currently, a total of 2,000 have accessed virtual training programs.

INFOTEP Director General Rafael Santos Badía shared that three Digital Skills courses and one Transformational Leadership course are currently underway, with participants from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. He emphasized the program’s significance for the Dominican diaspora, who contribute over $10 billion in remittances annually and face substantial training costs in their host countries.

“The facilities that INFOTEP is offering to Dominicans abroad, through Infotep Virtual and the Occupational Validation program, have become a solution of transcendental importance for their working life, since with a certificate that attests to their knowledge they can have access to a license to work in countries that, like the United States, require it,” affirmed Badía.

He announced that in the coming days, INFOTEP will open training courses in 16 areas, including Development of digital skills for teachers 4.0, Diploma in Coaching, Digital marketing, Self-employment strategies, Google tools for virtual training, ICT tools in e-learning, Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Introduction to market research. Courses in Introduction to sales techniques, Transformational leadership, Improving the presentation of my products, Writing of technical reports Storytelling -Source 2020 and Online seller will also be available.

INFOTEP’s commitment to empowering Dominicans abroad through professional development is evident in its expanding program offerings and collaborations with organizations like APEBNI. The institute’s efforts are paving the way for enhanced employment opportunities, increased income, and stronger contributions to the Dominican economy.

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