Local May 24, 2024 | 2:31 pm

EDEESTE resolute on ensuring payment for energy served

Santo Domingo.- The Eastern Electricity Distribution Company (EdeEste) announced its unwavering commitment to improving the collection of payments for the energy it provides, “without distinction or privileges.” The company emphasized that it has the support of the majority of its customers, who also desire a fair and equitable energy system.

“The commitment to pay for the energy consumed is fundamental for everyone’s well-being. Energy losses burden all Dominicans, and one key solution is ensuring payment for the energy used. Influence and blackmail should not diminish this responsibility,” EdeEste stated in a release.

Though not directly mentioned in the statement, EdeEste confirmed to N Digital that Telemicro owes 254 million DOP due to 150 overdue electricity bills. After multiple attempts at reconciliation, the power to the telecommunications company was cut off.

EdeEste stressed that it will not tolerate abusive practices. “We do not seek public controversies nor do we wish to resolve these matters in the media and social networks, but we feel the responsibility to inform you of our determination to confront this situation firmly and fairly,” the public company stated.

“At EdeEste, our mission is to provide reliable and accessible electricity service to all our customers. We deeply value the relationship with each of them and work tirelessly, despite obstacles, to guarantee continuous electricity supply. We recognize that, like any organization, we face challenges daily. However, we are firmly committed to overcoming our weaknesses and continually improving to better serve our customers,” EdeEste explained.

EdeEste reported recent challenges that threaten its mission and the equity of the energy distribution system. “Some consumer businesses have resorted to delaying tactics and legal maneuvers to avoid paying for the energy consumed, generating a debt equivalent to the consumption of 4,000 families with an average of 120 Kwh per month.”

The electricity distribution company stated, “This conduct not only impacts our finances but also negatively affects large and small businesses that comply with their payment obligations.”

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randy cain
May 24, 2024 5:51 pm

i have been here since the 90’s and all the money spent on electricity by the government and by the companies themselves, still have major issues and actually service is worse now than 25 years ago. this nasty article is and should be ashamed by the company. how dare them scowled customers when they cannot get their act together. they are nothing but incompetent thieves. this article is a deflection of their own faults.