Local May 25, 2024 | 9:21 am

Strong wind affected Salcedo and Villa Tapia

SALCEDO – A windstorm accompanied by thunderstorms and heavy rains caused on Friday night considerable damage to agricultural plantations, while 7 houses lost their roofs, and many others were flooded, in the community of Sabana Angosta in the municipality of Villa Tapia in the province of Hermanas Mirabal.

In addition, the atmospheric phenomenon knocked down power poles and trees, obstructing vehicular traffic on the Salcedo-Villa Tapia highway, where brigades of the Fire Department and the Civil Defense, together with other volunteers from the communities of La Ceiba, El Hospital and Ranchito worked hard to restore vehicular communication between the two cities.

The loss in banana and cassava plantations was substantial, according to the preliminary report and during the first hours of Saturday, according to the provincial director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rafael Martinez, the evaluations will be made.

So far, this media was able to confirm that 4 of the 7 houses that were left without roofs as a result of the windstorm that also accompanied by heavy hailstorms hit this area, correspond to Mrs. Alvida Reyes, Rosa Santos, Estefany Liriano and Gloribel Santos, among other community members.

In addition, several power poles fell to the ground which caused a blackout in a large part of the Hermanas Mirabal province.

Other communities affected by the phenomenon were Ranchito, El Hospital, Las 40s, San Ana and La Ceiba, among others.

In a telephone conversation with this media, the governor of Hermanas Mirabal, Lissette Nicasio, informed that early this Saturday she and technicians from different government agencies will be evaluating the damages and losses suffered by this province in order to submit the corresponding report to the higher authorities.

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