Local May 28, 2024 | 5:13 pm

CAASD launches virtual portal for service accessibility

Santo Domingo.- The Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CAASD) has launched a modern virtual portal for document submission, requests, and procedures as part of its digital transformation initiative.

This new service allows citizens to handle various procedures online, including confirmation certifications, approval and sealing of hydrosanitary plans, and requests for construction connections. Previously, these services required a visit to CAASD offices.

The virtual portal aims to streamline both internal and external communications, making requests more efficient and timely. It supports the management of document production, reception, distribution, and monitoring.

With this tool, users can submit service requests, report breakdowns, and benefit from a modern monitoring center that remotely oversees pumping stations and well fields in Greater Santo Domingo in real-time.

In line with the modernization and improvement of public services, and the vision set by General Director Felipe Suberví, CAASD continues to enhance public service efficiency and transparency. This initiative aligns with the Zero Bureaucracy program, ensuring quality services for residents of the National District and Santo Domingo province.

Under the current management, CAASD has made significant strides in digitalization and process automation. Users can access the virtual portal at https://vuc.gob.do/home.

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