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MOPC presents drainage plan for Luperón and Isabel Aguiar avenues

Santo Domingo.- Amós Martínez, the technical director of Public Works, emphasized that the goal is to ensure efficient drainage throughout the area.

The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) unveiled the sanitary and stormwater management plan for Luperón and Isabel Aguiar avenues. This initiative is part of a broader effort to address traffic issues at their intersections with 27 de Febrero Avenue.

To develop the final drainage design for the planned overpass at Isabel Aguiar Avenue and the tunnel on Luperón Avenue, MOPC will hold public hearings. These hearings will involve hydraulic and sanitary engineering professionals to incorporate their input. These infrastructure improvements are crucial components of the North-South corridor in Greater Santo Domingo.

During a World Environment Day meeting organized by the Dominican Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (ADIS), Amós Martínez highlighted Public Works’ commitment to creating a comprehensive drainage solution. “Public hearings are being held, with contributions from ADIS, to finalize the design for the trench and tunnel area,” Martínez explained.

He added that the MOPC aims to operate transparently and collaboratively to deliver an effective solution for this critical project.

The drainage plan takes into account rainfall patterns over the past 200 years, with particular focus on the significant rainfall events of the past two Novembers.

Engineer Marcelo Yánez outlined the planned drainage system for Luperón Avenue, extending from Guarocuya Avenue to Cayetano Germosén Avenue. He noted that the current drainage infrastructure is insufficient. “We propose a mining-type process, constructing a tunnel and a manhole at the lowest point of the Luperón tunnel, connecting it to the next one in front of the Ministry of the Environment offices,” Yánez explained.

The meeting saw participation from engineers of various disciplines, architects, students, MOPC staff, and other stakeholders.

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