Local June 11, 2024 | 1:08 pm

DA Director announces new heliports nearly ready for operation

Santo Domingo.- The Director of the Airport Department (DA), Víctor Pichardo, conducted a supervision tour to review the progress of the construction and renovation of three heliports located in Santo Domingo and Monte Plata province. These heliports are set to become part of the National Heliport Network (RNH), an initiative managed by the institution for emergency cases.

Pichardo began the inspection at the heliport in the Dra. Evangelina Rodríguez Perozo Health City in Santo Domingo Norte. He emphasized the significance of this facility within the National Heliport Network, noting its crucial role in providing rapid and timely care in hospital emergencies and disaster situations.

“The most important aspect of this infrastructure, which is ninety percent complete, is its strategic location among four major hospitals, particularly the Ney Arias Lora Hospital. This makes it a vital component of the country’s hospital emergency system,” Pichardo explained, accompanied by trauma director Julio Landrón.

He detailed that this heliport features an elevated platform spanning 406 square meters, equipped to operate at night or in low visibility conditions due to its modern aeronautical lighting system, which can be activated by radio frequency. The structure also includes an elevator for patients on stretchers and a ramp for individuals with special needs, making it a practical and accessible facility.

At the Monte Plata Provincial Hospital, Pichardo observed the completed heliport and noted that this project is part of President Luis Abinader’s vision to ensure healthcare access for all citizens nationwide through a transformation of the emergency and hospital system.

Regarding the Santo Domingo Heliport, Pichardo inspected the completed perimeter fence, which enhances operational security, and the new parking area.

Pichardo was accompanied by a technical team from the DA, including Christiern Broberg, Director of Airport Design; Alfredo Aybar, Head of Infrastructure; Rafael Duarte, Head of Airport Supervision; and Vianca Matos, Project Supervision Manager, among others. The engineers in charge of the work were also present.

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