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Renowned writer César Sánchez Beras joins Río de Oro Editores’ catalog

César Sánchez Beras. (Photo: External source)

Santo Domingo.- César Sánchez Beras, a prominent Dominican writer known for his prolific and award-winning work both in the country and the Dominican diaspora, has now become part of Río de Oro Editores’ catalog. His book, Bismar y la máquina del tiempo, will be unveiled today at Centro Cuesta del Libro.

The ceremony, scheduled for 6:30 pm in the Pedro Mir Hall, will be attended by distinguished writers, creators and friends—especially those involved in children’s literature in the country, where César Sánchez holds a fundamental role.

Among the attendees will be writer and cultural promoter Leibi Ng, as well as poet and narrator Bismar Galán. Bismar, himself a multi-award-winning writer, served as the inspiration for the book due to the long and fruitful friendship between the two poets.

Bismar y la máquina del tiempo, written in verse, introduces one of César Sánchez’s central children’s characters, Sapito Azul. The story revolves around a renowned scientist’s quest to create a time machine for traveling to different eras.

This captivating book is part of Río de Oro Editores’ Carajitos Collection, dedicated to children’s literature. The illustrations, beautifully crafted by Carlos H. Bruzón, use caricature techniques to vividly depict the real face of Bismar Galán, bringing the scientist to life on the pages.

Rafael J. Rodríguez, president of Río de Oro Editores, expressed his satisfaction that the publisher now includes not only talented emerging creators but also established figures like César Sánchez in its catalog. He promises more surprises to come, with other renowned names from Dominican and Cuban literature soon to be published under the label. Rodríguez attributes this success to the editorial’s sustained, creative, ethical and progressive efforts.

Rodríguez, who also wrote the back cover note for Bismar y la máquina del tiempo, chose to compose it in verse to align with the book’s style. He expressed immense pride in this new addition to the Carajitos Collection by Río de Oro.

César Sánchez Beras, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1962, identifies as a poet and storyteller. He holds a doctorate in Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) and a Master’s in Education from Framingham State College.

Sánchez Beras has published poetry, short stories, plays and novels, with many of his works translated into English and Italian. His accolades include two awards for dramatic works, three for children’s literature, and seven for poetry. He contributes to the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE) and is a member of the Union of Dominican Writers (UED).

He is widely regarded as one of the prominent poets of the current Dominican diaspora, known for his extensive and diverse literary output.

Río de Oro Editores S.R.L, founded by writer and editor Rafael J. Rodríguez in March 2022, is a thriving publishing house based in the Dominican Republic. It offers specialized book-related services and has published over 50 high-quality poetic, literary and scientific texts across seven thematic collections: Logos (narrative), Carajitos (children’s), Cierva Blanca (poetry), Magíster (education), Rostros (biographies), Credo Collection (religious-spiritual themes) and Avante Collection (self-improvement).


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