Local June 12, 2024 | 1:31 pm

Blackouts ahead! Here’s why

The Punta Catalina Electric Generation Company announced on Tuesday that the current power outages affecting some areas are due to maintenance activities and network issues within electricity distribution companies.

The announcement was made on their X account (formerly Twitter), stating:

“We inform you that the preventive maintenance of Unit 1 of the Punta Catalina Electric Generation Company has been coordinated in advance with the Coordinating Body (OC) to ensure that a deficit is not generated in the energy supply.”

The company assured the public that Punta Catalina and other power generators coordinate their maintenance schedules to prevent overlaps and ensure a stable energy supply.

They also asked for citizens’ understanding regarding the outages and reiterated their commitment to providing reliable electricity generation.



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Paul Tierney
June 13, 2024 12:12 pm

The country has not invested in large scale energy storage. There is no reserve power to call upon when there are shortfalls of generation. The public suffers the lack of the electrical sector looking forward,