Economy June 18, 2024 | 2:12 pm

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Social Plan spending skyrockets 400%

Santo Domingo.- In the midst of electoral campaigns, a worrisome trend has emerged: the increasing distribution of food rations to influential individuals, including politicians, candidates, and public officials. This phenomenon, known as clientelism, is a predictable indicator of how political parties and candidates try to influence the outcome of elections.

Our investigation reveals that the Social Plan of the Presidency, which is responsible for distributing these food rations, has seen a staggering 400% increase in spending from 2021 to 2024. Moreover, our analysis of the beneficiaries shows that not all recipients were treated equally.

In December alone, over 134,000 food rations were distributed to congressmen, with some Parlacen deputies also benefiting from this largesse. An additional 83,000 rations were awarded to candidates, officials, and other individuals who have raised suspicions due to the large amounts they received – a staggering 2,000 covers per person.

The total number of rations distributed reaches approximately 220,000, representing almost 20% of all rations distributed in December. Our attempts to contact Yadira Henríquez, Director of the Social Plan of the Presidency, have been unsuccessful, as she has failed to respond to our queries.

In response to allegations of irregularities in the distribution process, Henríquez stated that all officials are accountable for any wrongdoing and must be held accountable whenever necessary.

The question remains: why were these food rations not distributed more evenly among those in need? Our investigation highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in the distribution of resources during electoral campaigns.

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