Local July 8, 2024 | 8:56 am

Boardwalk restoration initiates

Santo Domingo.- Mayor Dío Astacio and Tourism Minister David Collado conducted an inspection tour of Avenida España to assess the damage caused by heavy rains following Hurricane Beryl’s passage through the country.

During the visit, they discussed plans for repairing the Santo Domingo Este boardwalk, a collaborative effort between their offices and the private sector. This reconstruction aims to restore the area crucial for both residents’ and tourists’ leisure activities in the municipality.

Astacio emphasized the significance of the meeting, noting its role in addressing and resolving emergent issues promptly.

“The reconstruction of the Santo Domingo Este boardwalk has commenced with joint support from the Mayor’s Office and the private sector, focusing on restoring areas impacted by Hurricane Beryl. Our goal is to restore everything exactly as it was,” Astacio stated.

Minister Collado mentioned the early deployment of heavy equipment and workers to clean up the boardwalk, with private sector contributions aiding in debris removal.

“We are expediting the process, understanding the legal constraints, to ensure the Malecón is restored to its pre-storm condition,” Collado assured.

Urban planners present affirmed that the damage, primarily from sea waves causing lateral impacts, could be swiftly repaired through organized reconstruction efforts.

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