North Coast January 6, 2020 | 7:19 am

INFOTEP, Vestas, and 500 RPM install wind generator in rural school of Puerto Plata

Children from 7 to 12 years of basic school in the community Guzmancito Maimon in Puerto Plata, also learned how wind energy is produced.

This multi-grade educational center served as the setting for the development of a wind energy project that, although small, will have great benefits because it promotes environmental protection.

United in a single purpose, the National Institute of Vocational-Technical Training (INFOTEP), Vestas, a wind energy supplier, the Guzmancito Wind Farm, had a 500 RPM to 350W turbine installed at the Concepción Bona Guzmancito basic school.

Through this initiative, a group of 34 people from the energy sector, including teachers, participants, graduates of the INFOTEP and representatives of utilities in the area of ​​Argentina received training by the 500 RPM organization.

RPM 500 (500 Revolutions Per Minute) is an NGO working with low-power energy plans in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico wind projects promoting technology transfer and sustainable rural electrification.

This process in which one learns by doing concluded with the manufacture and installation of the turbine, which will give the schoolhouse clean and permanent energy.



On the initiative, the director-general of INFOTEP, Rafael Ovalles, said that the institution will continue and expand this project because it is part of the objectives of raising the qualification of human capital required for the alternative energy sector, according to the new technologies for clean production.

INFOTEP has a standardized offer in renewable energy that includes training actions in the areas of wind, photovoltaic, solar thermal, energy efficiency, biofuels, LED lighting and high-efficiency air conditioners.

“The idea with the manufacture and installation of the 300W turbine is to promote awareness and benefits of renewable energies and ensure that young people are able to further implement initiatives,” explains the Manager of Social Responsibility Vestas, Laura Pardo, operating the wind generator will provide clean energy to the small school where 27 students attend.


The project benefited school Concepción Bona

Vestas is a Danish company dedicated to the manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of wind turbines. In the country it has more than 180 megawatts of installed and under construction capacity, including the 48 megawatts Guzmancito Wind Farm in Puerto Plata.

“It is important to promote these sustainable energy projects, and that people see is not only possible to manufacture large wind turbines that produce energy for the DR power grid, but can also benefit small communities,” said Prado.

For his part, Arisleyda Tineo, manager of the INFOTEP in North Regional, based in Santiago, said the institution is committed to multiplying and expand this experience.

“It’s an opportunity before us to strengthen our offer. The current management is always looking for ways to innovate with new technologies to provide quality training,” said Tineo, who announced a diploma on the maintenance of wind turbines.

With the installation of the wind generator at the Concepción Bona Comendador school, not only electricity is provided, but the generations to come are educated about the benefits of producing clean energy, without the use of fossil fuels.

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