North Coast January 6, 2020 | 9:58 am

Puerto Plata continues with its problems

Puerto Plata landfill: a very sore point of contention

Puerto Plata, DR.

2019 ends for this province with a cluster of pending issues, vital to maintaining the pace of development that allows it to remain an attractive destination for nationals and foreigners, with issues such as the landfill, municipal market, and historic downtown, with no solution.

Although the balance of the year has been and is highly positive in terms of the arrival of tourists it is in the scope of municipal works where 2019 has been more frustrating for the destination.


Despite the many meetings and initiatives, a real solution for the drama that represents the open-air dump in the Maggiolo community, at the same main entrance of the city, a headache that for more than two Decades to the tourism development of the region. After the failed announcement of the installation of a “dry sanitary landfill,” just in front of the booming tourist complex of Cofresí and in clear violation of what is provided by the environmental law, the council and the advisors of the Dominican Clean program seem to have entered a limbo, in which it is not even known if the advanced money for the purchase of the land was returned or not.


The municipal market, conceived since its construction as an attraction of the area, remains an unworthy suburb of a tourist destination without having deserved even an effort of cleaning and order by the authorities who’ve been in office for 14 years in front of the town hall and in search of a new 4-year term. The traffic management and organization of the Historic Center is another issue that the municipality refuses to assume.

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