North Coast January 25, 2020 | 6:56 am

High waves buffet Puerto Plata coast, beachgoers beware

PUERTO PLATA .- In the presence of abnormal waves and strong sea currents, the Prevention, Mitigation, and Response (PMR) committee of this jurisdiction restricted the access of bathers on local beaches.

The provincial director of the Civil Defense in Puerto Plata, Whascar García, informed that the maritime conditions in the Atlantic Coast are presenting anomalies and waves of up to 6 feet in height have been registered in the coastal perimeter of the province, so they proceeded to place Red flag.

“Bathing is restricted on the beaches: Camacho, Marapicá, El Pueblito and Playa Dorada in the main municipality of San Felipe de Puerto Plata, on the Bergantín and Cangrejos beaches in Montellano, on the Alicia and Sosúa beaches, in addition to the Cabarete beaches and El Encuentro, ”said Garcia.

In view of the dangerous waves that have been recorded since Thursday afternoon, water activities, both recreational and sporting activities that are characteristic in the municipal district of Cabarete, were also suspended.

It is reiterated that due to this situation, the use of beaches was suspended by the authorities in the coastal perimeter of the province of Puerto Plata since in addition to the sky it remains partly cloudy to cloudy with very pleasant temperatures.

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