Health April 26, 2020 | 4:13 pm

Bishop of Puerto Plata condemns pilgrimage broke into the Cathedral of San Felipe Apóstol

Julio César Corniel Amaro

Puerto Plata.- Monsignor Julio César Corniel Amaro, bishop of the Diocese of Puerto Plata, condemned the “invasion” this Sunday at the Cathedral of San Felipe Apóstol by a group of people led by a supposedly enlightened person (Mildomio Adames whom they call “the pilgrim”), due to the danger it represents as a source of spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

He explained that when the “pilgrims” arrived at the closed cathedral, they forcibly opened a door and entered the temple, where they remained for around 10 minutes and then left after a message from the leader of the group.

The bishop asked the health authorities to pay attention to this unfortunate event since it could become a focus of contagion.

He also indicated that at no time has he authorized the celebration of Eucharist with parishioners or any other activity that involves the gathering of people in the Cathedral of San Felipe Apóstol or in the parishes of the Diocese.

He recalled that the Church remains in prayer and action for those affected by COVID-19, and at the same time urged to reinforce compliance with the preventive measures indicated by the authorities, mainly the call to remain in their homes to prevent the spread of the virus. 

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