North Coast September 20, 2020 | 11:05 am

Public Health in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic defends restrictions on beaches and boardwalk

Malecon in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata. The Public Health authorities defended the measures of restrictions on beaches throughout the province to prevent the increase in Covid 19.

The provincial director of Public Health in Puerto Plata, Johnny Rafael Tavárez Capellán, assured that the restrictive actions taken in this jurisdiction have begun to give positive results in recent days.

He explained that the provision by which vehicle parking is prohibited on the Malecón avenue in San Felipe de Puerto Plata has had a positive impact on preventing the coronavirus spread. He warned that among the measures taken in Puerto there is also the partial closure of the Teco beaches in Maimón, Cofresí, Costámbar, Long Beach, and El Pueblito de Playa Dorada, in addition to the beaches of Sosúa.

The official said that large crowds of people gathered in several sections of the Malecón were “breeding grounds” for new coronavirus infections.

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