Health January 25, 2021 | 2:01 pm

Police close businesses and arrest several people in Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA.Three entertainment businesses that held clandestine parties disrespecting the curfew and physical distancing were closed last night by members of the National Police in Maimón and Villa Isabela’s communities.

The uniformed officer reported that in fulfilling her mission of bringing peace of mind to the citizens, a business that sold alcoholic beverages owned by a certain “Daniel El Dominicanyork,” located on the El Toro-Guzmancito highway in the municipal district of Maimón, intervened.

In that locale, dozens of parishioners were caught in the act of committing a crime not complying with the parameters established by the presidential decree in the face of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, since in addition to disrespecting the curfew schedule, they also did not comply with social distancing and use of a mask.

Even though the vast majority of those attending this clandestine party, upon noticing the police presence, fled through some nearby bushes, four people were arrested, 60 chairs and 14 plastic tables were confiscated, in addition to seizing five speakers, a monitor, a music amplifier and four motorcycles.

Also that in the municipal district of Gualete in Villa Isabela, the colmadones “El Kan Drink House,” “La Cueva Bar,” and “Bar Diablo” were closed, where the loud music caused a serious noise violation, also, it was disrespecting curfew and social distancing.

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