North Coast August 11, 2021 | 2:41 pm

Iberostar Costa Dorada resumes operations after fire

Hotel chain greatly appreciates the support of authorities

The accident, the causes of which are still unknown, affected areas of the theater and the sleeping areas of a part of the employees


Puerto Plata, DR

Operations at the Iberostar Costa Dorada hotel, located on the Puerto Plata-Sosua highway, are proceeding normally this Wednesday after several areas of its facilities were affected Tuesday night by a fire.

The fire, whose causes are still unknown, affected areas of the theater and the sleeping areas of some of the employees.

The company also noted that the fire affected the restaurants, common areas, and guest rooms, so operations are normal.

Likewise, none of the guests or collaborators were in danger, and the protocols foreseen for eventualities such as these were rigorously applied.

The intense blaze that occurred in the initial moments of the event caused some people to take photographs and videos that made it appear that the fire affected the entire hotel, a situation that did not occur at any time.

The Iberostar hotel chain also assured that it would immediately survey the considerable damages caused by the fire and its causes to take the necessary measures to reduce the risk of this type of situation that may occur, particularly in the summer to the high temperatures.


The management of Iberostar in the Dominican Republic also thanked the quick response of the rescue agencies and the interest and willingness of the local and national authorities in the fire that affected some areas of its hotel in Costa Dorada, Puerto Plata.

They thanked the firefighters of Puerto Plata and surrounding municipalities who came to their aid, as well as the Civil Defense, the Red Cross, Amber Rescue, the National Police headed by General Jacinto Minaya, the Air Force of the Dominican Republic in the person of General Manuel Abad García and the local authorities, Governor Claritza Rochtte, the provincial director of Tourism Stephany Kfouri, Mayor Roquelito García and especially to President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism David Collado who gave all the necessary support through the governor and other authorities.

The company also thanked the local companies that assisted with tanker trucks, where even people who sell water voluntarily came to help, and the interest and support of the entire tourism sector and hotel associations to the situation was happily overcome.


In response to the fire that occurred on Tuesday night, the guests, some 800, were mobilized, but no one was injured.

The heavy smoke also affected part of the nearby Be Life Collection Marien hotel. The same hotel was affected a few years ago by another fire; the roof is covered with thatch on that occasion.

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