North Coast September 23, 2021 | 3:32 pm

Puerto Plata, further open to tourism: over 70% of its population is vaccinated



The Provincial Directorate of Public Health announced that Puerto Plata exceeded 70% of citizens inoculated with double doses in the face of Covid-19.

According to Public Health and the National Statistics Office (ONE) statistics, people immunized with the first application represent 77.3% of the locality. In comparison, those who had the two doses rose to 70.2%.

Through a statement and a video on the social network Facebook, the Provincial Directorate explained that: “We are proud and grateful for all puertoplateños (Puerto Platans) who day by day have demonstrated responsibility and commitment to the Permanent Vaccination Day. The road has not been easy but we are seeing the results of the efforts of an entire country.”

Likewise, Dr. Jhonny Tavárez, provincial director of Health, described that Puerto Plata “is in a good moment of the pandemic” since a rate of coronavirus infection of 4.8% is reported daily for a cumulative of 5.6%.

For his part, he will ask the Minister of Health, Daniel Rivera, and President Luis Abinader, that the jurisdiction mentioned above be taken into account for the reopening of its economy and the lifting of the curfew.

He then took the opportunity to urge people not to forget about the sanitary measures imposed by the Government, such as physical distancing, the use of masks around crowds.

In the “Bride of the Atlantic, hotels, and tourist establishments have applied the corresponding doses of the vaccine to their staff as a measure that guarantees the sector’s recovery.

Previously La Altagracia, the National District, Espaillat, and Pedernales, exceeded 70% of their population inoculated against the lethal virus.

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Johnny Doe
September 24, 2021 12:50 pm

That’s right…force people to vaccinate for freedom. What a dumb fucking joke. Lets see the BS they try to pull next time around. My guess is that all of these worldwide pressuring of free people will only lead to civil unrest and eventually all out war to regain lost freedoms. History always repeats itself, and those in power always crave more power and forget the past!