North Coast June 2, 2022 | 2:42 pm

Palo Blanco, Puerto Plata road repair requested

Puerto Plata – The producers and locals of Palo Blanco, in the municipality of Yasica, are crying out for the authorities to fulfill their promise to asphalt the road that allows access to the community since it is impassable.

They add that due to the road’s poor condition, it is difficult for them to get the agricultural products (yautia, yucca, cacao, coffee, among others) that they grow in the area, which are sold to feed their families.

“This is a production site, what we don’t have the road enabled,” said one of the residents, who also expressed that “if the asphalt can’t be thrown away, that at least they burn it and make a good whitewash.”

“This road is useless, the vehicles have to be four by four, and when it is raining, they don’t even work. So here we live on livestock.

They indicated that if a person gets sick before getting to the nearest doctor, “they easily die.”

They said they hoped that the authorities, especially President Luis Abinader, would come to their aid.

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