North Coast May 1, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Elvis Martinez performs in front of more than 4,000 people in “The Bride of the Atlantic”

Elvis Martinez in Puerto Plata 2023

A historic night for Puerto Plata and the people of Cibao I happened in the Amphitheater of Puerto Plata when the bachatero Elvis Martinez married “La novia del Atlántico” in front of more than 4 thousand people.

His apotheosis presentation in the concert “La Música Vive” left its mark when, in the middle of his performance, he left the stage and moved towards the audience, climbing the amphitheater’s steps and singing along with them his musical hits. A moment of great emotion for his fans, who could sing along with him and immortalize the moment with videos and photographs.

Elvis only had to go up on stage to make the place resound with applause and cheers. Then, his emblematic bachata began what would be a total surrender of the artist and what was consummated in a marriage with the city of Puerto Plata, called “La Novia del Atlántico” (The Bride of the Atlantic).

“Maestra,” “Lo doy todo por ti,” “Así te amo,” “Tú sabes bien,” “Directo al corazón,” “Mi muchachita,” “Dile que te amo,” “Descontrolado” and “No te vayas,” among others, were among the songs that the audience sang at the top of their lungs and danced to the rhythm of bachata, during a night of pure guitar chords.

As usual in his presentations, the multi-award winner in Premios Soberano and nominated for the Premio Lo Nuestro for Best Album for “Mi muchachita” gave himself entirely to a fan base that leaves its heart in each of his interpretations.

“Thanks to this great public that has always accompanied me in these 24 years of career, making each of my songs a success. I am still your Camarón,” shouted the artist in gratitude for the audience’s enthusiastic response.

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