North Coast September 20, 2023 | 9:35 am

Tremor of magnitude 4.4 is recorded in Santiago

Santiago.- Early on Wednesday, a seismic event with a magnitude of 4.4 was recorded approximately 4.9 kilometers northeast of Villa González, Santiago.

This earthquake took place at 3:00 AM and had a depth of 10 kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface.

Geologist Osiris de León pinpointed the epicenter of this seismic activity in the Villa Nueva community, situated to the northwest of Navarrete in Santiago, along the axis of the Septentrional fault.

The tremors resulting from this event were perceptible in several areas, including Navarrete, Esperanza, Jicomé, Damajagua, Mao, Altamira, Imbert, Guananico, and their surrounding regions, as reported by the geologist.

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake originating in the Villa Nueva community, northwest of Navarrete along the Septentrional fault axis, was experienced in Navarrete, Esperanza, Jicomé, Damajagua, Mao, Altamira, Imbert, Guananico, and nearby localities. It’s important to note that the Septentrional fault is considered a secondary fault.

Numerous individuals took to social media to share their experiences of feeling the tremors, underscoring the earthquake’s impact on the Santiago region.

Osiris de León reminded the public that the location of this seismic event is associated with the northern fault, which is considered secondary in terms of its significance.

In a previous explanation provided to Diario Libre, the geologist emphasized that the Dominican Republic is home to 14 seismically active faults, but only two of them have the potential to generate catastrophic earthquakes. These two significant fault lines include the one located along the Atlantic Coast, situated north of Puerto Plata and west of Montecristi, as well as the Enriquillo fault, which traverses south of Santo Domingo, Barahona, Duvergé, and Jimaní.

It is worth noting that earthquakes occurring along interior faults, such as the one experienced recently, are generally characterized as energy-release tremors and are considered part of the normal seismic activity in the region.

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