North Coast January 6, 2024 | 9:00 am

Call for help in Gualete, Puerto Plata

Gualete, Puerto Plata – Community members today asked the authorities to come to the aid of the municipal district of Gualete, assuring that their roads have collapsed and are on the verge of being cut off.

“We call on our authorities to come to Gualete’s aid because we are practically cut off from communication. The La Jaiba pass has already collapsed, and the only exit we have is about to collapse,” explained Magaly González, speaking on behalf of the collective.

“We ask you to come to our aid before the only means of communication we have left collapses,” they cried out, carrying umbrellas to cover themselves from the heavy rains.

In a video sent to Hoy Digital, the community members attributed the deterioration and collapse of their roads to the fact that the authorities do not maintain the sewers. This situation causes the rains to cause the collapse of the roads in the aforementioned municipal district belonging to the municipality of Villa Isabela.

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An sosa
January 7, 2024 9:51 am

It’s a great town with lots of richness. The roads r very bad so how can the people get there products to the market. It a great town with lots of scenery for tourists to visit but the roads need to be modernized and upgraded. This town connects to other areas throughout the Dominican republic. I know this because my dad was born and raised in this area. What are the politicians doing to improve the roads?