North Coast February 4, 2024 | 8:52 am

Luis Abinader mobilizes supporters in Puerto Plata yesterday

Puerto Plata—The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) presidential candidate, Luis Abinader, mobilized thousands of followers in the streets of Montellano and Puerto Plata yesterday afternoon.

The caravan in Montellano’s municipality was carried out with the candidate for mayor of that locality, Héctor Almonte.

The demonstration began on Golondrina Viajera Street, in the Juan Lockward sector, from where it traveled along the district’s main roads.

To the rhythm of the campaign themes, different people showed four fingers in allusion to the cry of four more years promoted by the president’s followers.

The streets of the coastal municipality overflowed with enthusiastic PRM militants and sympathizers.

The demonstration lasted a little over an hour and was joined by some of the organizations supporting this political organization’s continuation.

Later, the PRM presidential candidate accompanied the mayoral candidate of the municipality of Puerto Plata, Roquelito García.

Behind the vehicle where the PRM leader was transported was Ginette Bournigal, candidate for senator for Puerto Plata.

The caravan march began on Alberto Francisco Caamaño Avenue. It continued through the different streets, where residents came out of their houses with white sheets and clothes to support the ruling party’s candidates.

Sunday, February 4

Abinader’s tour on Sunday will begin with a caravan march at 11:00 am in Dajabón. He will end his political journey in the Mao province of Valverde in the afternoon with a caravan.

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