North Coast March 18, 2024 | 8:20 am

Fishing docks inaugurated in Río San Juan and Cabrera

María Trinidad Sánchez, DR.– President Luis Abinader inaugurated the Río San Juan and Cabrera fishing docks this Sunday, heralding the dawn of safer, more vibrant, and productive fishing endeavors while offering fresh prospects for local tourism.

These docks stand as integral components of the National Plan for the Rehabilitation, Renovation, and Construction of Fishing Docks.

Addressing the gathering, President Abinader directed the Director of the Dominican Port Authority, Jean Luis Rodríguez, to collaborate with the municipal authorities in crafting a scenic viewpoint around the newly inaugurated dock area. This would serve as a recreational haven, fostering healthy leisure pursuits for families in the vicinity.

Expressing bewilderment at the prolonged absence of action in response to the longstanding demand for such facilities, President Abinader emphasized the essential role these docks play in redressing the needs of communities, particularly the fishermen of Río San Juan.

Highlighting ongoing and forthcoming projects in the municipality, including hospital reconstruction, Gri-Gri Lagoon intervention, and aqueduct enhancements, the President underscored the Government’s commitment to comprehensive development in the region.

The Río San Juan Tourist and Fishing Dock, a project awaited for over five decades, boasts the capacity to berth up to 200 vessels concurrently, featuring 70 docking areas tailored for various uses. This transformative initiative, realized through an investment of RD$183 million pesos, promises to revolutionize the fishing sector of Río San Juan and its environs, liberating fishermen from the arduous journey to Puerto Plata and Luperón for unloading their catches.

In a testament to persistence and dedication, the executive director of the Dominican Port Authority recounted the arduous journey toward actualizing this long-cherished aspiration, underscoring President Abinader’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling promises and effecting tangible change. The mayor of Río San Juan expressed gratitude to President Abinader for materializing this transformative endeavor, praising the Government’s role in advancing the municipality’s development agenda.

Simultaneously, the inauguration of the Cabrera fishing dock marked a milestone in the community’s history. Comprising two breakwaters and four walkways, this facility, long overdue for over two decades, provides enhanced conditions for fishermen to conduct their operations efficiently. With an investment of approximately RD$63 million pesos, this project symbolizes a paradigm shift towards safer, more dynamic, and productive fishing practices, realizing the aspirations of the Cabrera community.

Amidst accolades for the Government’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of citizens, the president of the Fishermen’s cooperative hailed the Cabrera pier as a fulfillment of a longstanding aspiration, echoing sentiments of gratitude echoed by the mayor of Cabrera for President Abinader’s steadfast support in catalyzing transformative development initiatives.

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