North Coast April 15, 2024 | 2:24 pm

Fatal traffic accident claims Canadian man’s life at Bergantín beach entrance

Puerto Plata, DR.- A Canadian man tragically lost his life in a traffic accident this Sunday at the entrance to Bergantín beach, along the Montellano Cangrejos road section in Puerto Plata.

The victim, identified as 72-year-old David G Knight, was riding a black CG 200 motorcycle when it collided head-on with a Sonata vehicle driven by Mr. Diunel Enrique Pérez Nin, a native of Duvergé, who was preparing to turn in the direction of the beach.

Upon the accident, units from the General Directorate of Traffic and Land Transportation (Digesett), as well as the Fire Truck, Police, and 911 Units, promptly arrived at the scene. Pérez Nin was detained for further legal proceedings. Meanwhile, the body of the deceased remained at the site until the arrival of the medical examiner to conduct the necessary procedures.

Recently, a layer of RC2 gravel was added to the entrance of Bergantín beach, enhancing its appeal. However, despite the increased attractiveness of the area, there are currently no traffic signs indicating this change.

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