North Coast April 16, 2024 | 1:10 pm

Social Plan sends first aid supplies to areas affected by floods

Las Terrenas, Samaná.– Following severe flooding caused by river overflow in the province of Samaná, the Presidency’s Social Assistance Plan has mobilized its Rapid Action Brigade along with essential first aid supplies to aid affected families.

Yadira Henríquez, Director of the Social Plan, stated that, upon President Luis Abinader’s directive, initial assistance has been dispatched to various sectors of the municipality of Las Terrenas. Supplies including mats, sheets, mosquito nets, food rations, and water have been sent while damage assessment is underway.

“We are on high alert in 19 provinces due to the risk of river flooding, floods, and landslides. Given low water levels and humid winds, we are in constant communication with relief agencies to provide support,” Yadira specified.

She assured that immediate assistance will be continued as soon as water levels subside, ensuring timely aid to families in each affected area.

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