North Coast April 17, 2024 | 1:28 pm

Floods in Puerto Plata leave communities cut off

Puerto Plata, DR.- Heavy rainfall in Puerto Plata has triggered flooding in rivers, streams, and ravines, leading to the isolation of several communities in the region.

The overflowing of various rivers surrounding the Puerto Plata area has resulted in significant flooding, cutting off access to several municipalities due to the ongoing rains along the north coast since yesterday afternoon.

Communities such as Sosua, Yasica, Imbert, La Isabela, and the municipality of San Felipe are among those affected, with impassable routes preventing movement between areas. Consequently, numerous individuals find themselves stranded, unable to reach their respective communities.

In response, authorities have mobilized to provide assistance and protection to affected areas, relocating individuals to safer locations, particularly within family homes.

Meanwhile, provincial COE authorities have been urging the population not to risk crossing flooded rivers or ravines during this time of heightened danger.

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