North Coast April 18, 2024 | 8:04 am

Aid distribution in Samaná and Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, DR.- Igor Rodríguez Durán, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, embarked on a journey to the stricken regions of Samaná and Puerto Plata on Wednesday to initiate the distribution of aid to families grappling with the aftermath of heavy rainfall since last Monday.

In Samaná, the Civil Defense reported approximately 225 households affected across Arroyo Seco, El Valle, La Laguna, Las Terrenas, and Santa Bárbara de Samaná. These families are now receiving essential supplies such as food, wood, zinc, and household items to facilitate their recovery process.

“President Luis Abinader has expressed deep concern since the initial reports came in. Consequently, he has tasked us with visiting the affected areas to ensure that every family receives the necessary support from the government promptly. Our aim is swift assistance,” remarked Igor during his visit.

Speaking at a meeting held at the provincial government headquarters in Samaná, Igor emphasized that the relief effort is a multi-stage process. While the immediate focus is on providing humanitarian aid, there are plans underway to rehabilitate damaged homes and restore normalcy to the affected communities. Additionally, the Ministry of Health is overseeing a monitoring initiative to address potential health concerns, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the recovery efforts.

Yadira Henríquez, Director of the Presidency’s Social Assistance Plan, disclosed that relief teams have been operational since Monday night, distributing over 20 thousand food rations across various provinces. Furthermore, more than 15 thousand servings of cooked meals have been provided through mobile kitchens deployed by the Economic Kitchens program.

Major General Juan Manuel Méndez, Director of the Emergency Operations Center (COE), urged affected families to remain vigilant and heed advisories from security agencies. He underscored the government’s swift response and highlighted the crucial collaboration from the public during such crises.

In Puerto Plata, municipalities and districts such as Sosúa, Montellano, Imbert, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Maimón, and Yasica Arriba have been significantly affected. Joining the relief efforts were governors Teodora Mullix Geraldino and Claritza Rochette, alongside mayors Nelson Núñez, Eduardo Esteban Polanco, and Wilfredo Olivence, along with representatives from various community and religious groups.

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April 18, 2024 9:25 am

Thank goodness this happened close to the elections!!!!

Senor Hemp
April 19, 2024 8:21 pm
Reply to  Brien

unfortunately, your right. The people will get help faster due to the election