North Coast May 5, 2024 | 10:19 am

“Youth Building Change” Movement Launched

Puerto Plata – With the presence of influential leaders of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), the youth movement “Youth Building Change,” led by José Francisco Peña Encarnación, was launched in support of President Luis Abinader’s candidacy to continue guiding the Dominican youth towards a better future.

“I believe in the Modern Revolutionary Party, in Luis Abinader, but even more in the Dominican youth, those who work, who study, who dream of progress, with the creation of public policies that lead us to a better tomorrow,” Peña Encarnación said.

Dozens of young people gathered at the event that took place at the La Cumbre event center, where attendees highlighted the political work of Peña Encarnación, a young man born in the white party, having as a reference his grandfather, the late Dominican political leader José Francisco Peña Gómez.

Between the music of the outstanding merengue Miriam Cruz and the celebration of the PRM Youth, Francisco Peña showed his interest in continuing to work and grow within his party and contribute with his preparation.

“I have learned the importance of working for the good of others, of creating projects that benefit the majority, that with the Modern Revolutionary Party and Luis Abinader we will continue with this change, this change for a better Dominican Republic,” said the young politician.
At just 24 years old, Peña Encarnación is a graduate of the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC) with a degree in Civil Engineering and has been part of important companies and the Unidos Foundation.

From a very young age, thanks to the example of his father, Tony Peña Guaba, who supported him in the launch, José has worked for the people to help those most in need and create plans that contribute to the country’s development.
Also present at the event were Alberto Atallah, a senior leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party and current campaign manager of the political organization in the National District; Rafael J. Féliz García, Minister of Youth; other youth leaders such as Daniel Rubiera, Sheily Peña, and Janell Custodio.

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