Opinion July 14, 2015 | 12:19 pm

Dominican capital’s street names reveal historic treason

Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Tiradentes, John F. Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle, George Washington are certainly prominent figures in world history, worthy of respect and admiration.

But everything has a limit. In this case, it’s an exaggeration that the main streets and avenues of the Dominican capital have been baptized with the names of those heroes who did nothing remarkable to the benefit of this Caribbean republic.

One would think that it is true that that Dominicans have inherited the genes of the "Guacanagarix complex" in memory of that (Taino) chieftain who became an unfettered adulator with the Spaniards when Columbus came to this land, convinced that everything foreign is better that the native and local.

Is there not one legislator or mayor who dares to propose in Congress or in the City Council (I don’t know who’s responsible for placing the name of streets and avenues) to correct that aberrant injustice with our true heroes?

It seems not, but someday whites are hanged, as the saying goes. And while that day arrives, we will continue to suffer the mentioned historical guacanagaricism. The only left for us to do is trade gold for mirrors.

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