Opinion March 16, 2016 | 8:35 am

Dominican Today urges US Envoy to desist from gay activism

When a discussion over individual rights turns ugly, it’stime to take a deeper look into implications for a society as a whole.

Until today, US ambassador James W. Brewster’s gay activismwas a healthy exchange of views, albeit heated, of ideas on what constitutesfreedom of expression and diplomatic behavior in a host country.

And despite the pressure by religious leaders that Washingtonrecall its envoy, Dominicans in general didn’t consider the dispute importantin the face of the country’s historic shortcomings, especially with the generalelections just 60 days away.

On Tuesday a prominent Catholic school, using its right todisagree, posted a sign stating that Brewster cannot enter its property.

But vandals, apparently stating their disagreement with theschool’s position, sprayed an obscenity over it.

From words to debate and even to heated discussion, thedispute has become distasteful and starts to drive a wedge in society.

For our society’s sake, we ask the honorable James W.Brewster to desist from his activism, or step aside.

Such vandalism and profanity against a school where hundredsof children go for an education cannot be tolerated, it’s just too close toterrorism.


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