Opinion July 4, 2016 | 11:25 am

Immigration: Good or bad

There is no question that illegal immigration stresses oureconomy and health systems, and has the undesired byproduct of keeping thesalaries of our most needy classes low, precisely those that are supportingdemagogues and populist candidates.

The USA is being affected, by those “escapees"entering our territory in unreasonable numbers, depressing our nation’sstandard of living, and putting a strain in our resources.

It is a fact that some countries south of the border, aswell as globally, are encouraging and promoting their disadvantaged classes toleave for the USA.

The human dumping of other country’s poor, sick andunemployed must be confronted, as the USA cannot be the solution to foreignnations problems.

Some illegals trespass through the border, and a great manyoverstay their visas, some pay and arrange to get citizenship by a falsefiancee’s visas, and other more ingenious ways, like posing as students comingfor a seminar, business meeting and so forth.

Building a wall, by itself an expensive and unrealisticproposal, could better gain public acceptance, by just lobbying for additionalfencing in crucial areas, better border enforcement by hiring more borderagents, and improved surveillance, but most important the will in part of the federalgovernment, to revisit the immigration laws and incentives that draw illegalsto this country.

A sore point that breeds xenophobia are the millions ofillegals, displacing needy Americans from the workplace, some are exploited bytheir patrons and accept less payment for their work.

So the immigration rules, and border enforcement must berevised and tightened.

As for the countries that do encourage or turn their headsto illegal immigration, they benefit two fold:

1. They solve an unemployment or health problem.

2. The relative working in the USA becomes a generator andprovides remittance of funds to his relatives at home.

Allowing women in advanced state of pregnancy to clearimmigration must be questioned, to prevent abuse of our birthright laws, as ourpresent citizenship by birthright or “ius soli" is an out of sync concept,voted in our 14TH amendment that was needed for protection of our Africanmigrations of the 19TH century, but at present it is being misused, by illegaland transient mothers.

The only major country that still has citizenship by birthis our Canadian neighbor.

Even Australia, a modern and liberal democracy, amendedtheir constitution to remove ius soli in 2007, and replaced it with “iussanguini", or citizenship according to the nationality of the parents,which makes more sense.

As we are a “boiling pot” and a country of immigrants,continued but good immigration, replenishes and reinvigorates our workforce, raises our standard of living,and the benefits are many, but regardless better border enforcement is a national security matter, and should be anact of legitimate defense, more so in turbulent times.

At present thirty three countries worldwide are building15,000 miles of fences, across 66 borders.

Revising our immigration laws must not be postponed anymoreby our lawmakers, since its prompt resolution is critical to the well being ofour nation.

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