Opinion July 29, 2016 | 7:05 am

Tourist wants to help make La Romana cleaner

“I am a tourist here in Dominican Republic in La Romana.

I have organized all my fellow friends here with me andhave agreed to go out to clean the streets by picking up trash with some peoplein the community.

“I wanted to ask if there is a way to ask politely ifothers would like to join us.

We are meeting on This Friday July 29th at 1 pm at thecolegio Nueva Vida in La Romana

It is a small private school. We will start from this location and go outto many streets with bags to collect trash.

We will be cleaning all the streets around the neighborhoodfor about 2 hours or less.

Maybe others will go longer. But I thought it would be a great event forthe whole community to get involved.

The reason that I came up with this idea is because I havenoticed that there is trash everywhere. And I have heard many stories from the people here as to why the trashis like this. I have heard that some saythat the government doesn’t provide a way to dump the trash and that peoplejust throw it on the street.

I don’t know if this is a culture thing to just throw trashon the street or if people just don’t care but maybe through this exercise wecan realize that it can be solved somehow.

And that maybe the beauty can be restored to your lovelycountry and people. I do feel that ifeveryone participates the streets can be cleaned so quickly.

The Dominican Republic is such a beautiful island and it isa sad sign to see trash everywhere. Hopefully”

David Chung

Thank you

My phone number is 650-302-6027

Feel free to call me.

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