Opinion October 30, 2019 | 10:43 am

Reader cries out as Boca Chica languishes


A DT reader who wishes to remain anonymous has informed us of a spate of fatal incidents in Boca Chica, a town that was the country’s first tourist resort, in the 1950s and 60s. His concerns:

“I remember another murder here I did not tell you about. This also was about a month ago. A food vendor outside of Ole’ which by the way had the best food and a great business.”

“A person wanted to be served first and the vendor told him he had to wait his turn, the guy shot him dead. this stuff is never reported. it is crazy here. You did a piece on garbage in Santo Domingo. Take a look at Boca Chica. It is filthy.”

“Something I just found out; Hamaca hotel closed about two thirds of its property because of a lack of tourists. Hamaca was a major source of tourist (income), now that will just get worse.”

“Please keep my information confidential. It could be dangerous for me. I am letting you know about the situation here because it is getting so bad here I do not go out alone in the day and never at night. I would love to see Boca Chica be the city it once was and the only way it will be is if this stuff is reported and the city gets a kick in the butt and turn it around but with the corruption that will never happen if they are not exposed.”

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