Opinion April 3, 2021 | 12:06 pm

Easter is here, and the hemp Easter baskets are worldwide!

Founder-CEO of Caribbean Hemp Company Gregory Ricker

Renn Loren

In Conversations with Gregory Ricker

Yes, it’s great to see that people worldwide are getting back to being conscious of the climate and ridding the world of plastic. Enough plastic already! The industrial nations are moving forward, that’s for sure, but when one travels the globe, it’s as if Coca-Cola does airdrops with its plastic bottles.

Seriously one could walk the beaches in Mombasa in Kenya or walk the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam, and there they are. Even if one were indifferent to care, it’s just beyond a normal conversation to say it doesn’t matter. It does; your tomatoes are grown in highly toxic plastic around the world, yum.

The beautiful island of Hispaniola is making strides to change over. There is always something beautiful and, at the same time, a little frustrating about “island time.” Moving forward is slow and cumbersome, and it can frustrate even the most patient evangelistic time travelers. Hemp has to replace plastic, and the case is simple to make. 

Passing out one plastic bag after another to put groceries in that are already encapsulated in plastic is mind-blowing, especially when the plastic is then discarded into plastic receptacles. Hemp, as much as a broken record can sound, is the international answer. Many countries now insist that people bring their bags to grocery stores, and there is nothing lighter and more durable than a hemp shopping bag. Plus, it is scientifically proven that hemp bags keep your milk and beer colder than plastic bags. 

The fantastic thing is the ease with which an economy made up of petro products can change. It’s phenomenal. Many nations have undertaken a green economy (of course, dominated by hemp products) and are living cleaner and better lives.

It’s evident that the governments that have enjoyed modern economic mindsets are prospering and are seen as the more responsible governments. The United States took an international hit in the last four years for not being a bit more involved. Still, with the new administration, climate change and environmental consideration are more of a priority. Wouldn’t it just be nice if what is so apparent would stop being debated? It’s like this; take care of the earth, and earth can take care of you—abuse it and suffer untold consequences; it’s that simple, or one would think.

Passing a pilot program would create so many new jobs simultaneously. Almost daily, Gregory Ricker, CEO of Caribbean Hemp Co, receives correspondence from Dominican business people wanting to join in the effort. They offer land for cultivation, trucks, tractors, and labor, and all that they are waiting for is the green light to go green. 

What in the world is the hold-up? The three stooges could implement this program in a day, and the Dominican people know it. They know it because they use hemp products every day, from hand creams to seeds in salads. The products are brought into the country every day and used by thousands of the country’s wealthier citizens. 

CBD cream is almost a staple at the Ritz Carlton and Four Season hotels spas and bathrooms, and it’s processed from all the other Caribbean islands. Why cant the DR get in the game and reap the significant financial rewards and benefits directly? 

I guess we have our heads lodged too deeply in our plastic Easter baskets. Happy Easter!!!


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