People February 25, 2015 | 5:53 pm

Commonwealth diplomats meet Sir Ronald Sanders

Santo Domingo.- Sir Ronald Sanders who is running for Secretary General of Commonwealth based in London, England, visited Santo Domingo and met with ambassador and consuls of the Commonwealth countries in Dominican Republic

During a breakfast offered by the Round Table of the Commonwealth Countries in Dominican Republic, Sir Ronald expressed his satisfaction with his visit to Dominican Republic for the first timeand considered the visit a unique opportunity to learn about the Caribbean nation of 10 million. They also discussed the potentials of the Commonwealth market.

Present in the reception were Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries president Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas, British Ambassador Steven Fisher, Canadian Attaché Aladin Legault d’Auteuil, BelizeAmbassador Eduardo Lama, Barbados Consul Emilio Hasbun, Australian Consul Fernando Rainieri, South Africa Consul Norman de Castro, Antigua Consul Ricardo Koenig and Trinidad and Tobago representative Federico Reyes.

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