People February 25, 2015 | 4:31 pm

The press tours Falcondo mine, Bonao Carnaval

Bonao, DR.- The mining company Falcondo Dominicana, the local operation of Glencore Nickel, on Sunday hosted a tour of its complex in Bonao (central) for members of the media and their families from Santo Domingo, and treated them to enjoy the raucous Carnaval de Boano.

The reporters and news anchors spoke at length with Falcondo executives and learned of the miner’s Open Doors program, with which Falcondo aims to provide information about its current processes and future projects.

Alba Nely Familia and other Falcondo executives led the tour through miles of the mine area, and explained the extraction process, from the removal of base soil to the complete reforestation of the foothills.

Photos by Edwin Sánchez.

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