People April 13, 2015 | 5:23 pm

Music for every taste at Punta Cana’s Easter bash

Punta Cana, DR- During the Easter holidays Punta Cana Resort & Club hosted varied activities for owners, guests and their families.

This program included a week of repertoire of DJs in Playa Blanca, a concert of the Molina Philharmonic conducted by maestro Jose Antonio Molina with solos by violinist Scarlett Martinez, soprano Janette Márquez Valerio while the trumpeters Samuel González Ureña, Andrés Pérez Vidal and Jonfary Ariel Arias Medina participated with stellar performances.

The event’s a surprise came with the girls of the Modern Music Education Center (ECMM) choir, in which its director Laurina Vasquez also took part in the concert.

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